GMO OMG movie trailer

GMO OMG - watch the video trailer above!

What is a GMO?

Are your foods safe?

Did you know that over 365 Million acres of GMO food is being grown worldwide?

Do you believe you have the right to know what you are putting in your body?

85% of all the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified.  

Genetically modified food is registered as a pesticide. 

If it's not labeled as Organic, you can bet that it is GMO! 

From the movie producers: "GMO OMG explores the systematic corporate takeover and potential loss of humanity’s most precious and ancient inheritance: seeds. Director Jeremy Seifert investigates how loss of seed diversity and corresponding laboratory assisted genetic alteration of food affects his young children, the health of our planet, and freedom of choice everywhere. GMO OMG follows one family’s struggle to live and eat without participating in an unhealthy, unjust, and destructive food system. In GMO OMG, the encroaching darkness of unknown health and environmental risks, chemical toxins, and food monopoly meets with the light of a growing global movement to take back what we have lost. Has the global food system been irrevocably hijacked?

Or can we take back our food, heal the planet, and live sustainably? The choice is ours, but we have to start now!"




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