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Orange County’s complete Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Our goal is to provide outstanding, customized Chiropractic care to our local and surrounding communities. Utilizing safe and effective, drug-free techniques we work with our clients not only to relieve pain but also to improve function and balance of the neuro-musculo system allowing you to function as designed.

For many of our clients, once out of the pain they choose to evolve into our maintenance or wellness programs to activate and empower their innate systems to prevent future injuries and unwanted degenerative progressions.

At Back to Basics Health and Wellness Center, we feel communication between doctors and patients is essential to finding the best plan to fit your health goals. It’s your body, we look forward to helping you Move Well, Feel Great, so you can be happy.

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Back to Basics


At Back to Basics, we offer a variety of services to care for your body.

What Our Patients Say

  • Best Chiro & Wellness center in town! Came in with a lower back problem and the team at Back to Basics helped get me back to feeling normal again. Thank you to Dr. Ryan and his team for the amazing job! Highly recommend this location!

    Marius Opre Avatar
    Marius Opre
  • Dr. Ryan is professional and an amazing chiropractor! He takes time to really understand what is going on with your body, and has recommendations for additional exercises and strengthening you can do alone. He's adjusted my entire family for years! The office is welcoming and cozy and... read more

    Kirsten Batley Avatar
    Kirsten Batley
  • Back to Basics is always a pleasurable experience even when your not feeling your best upon arrival. A beautiful calm setting lends to a very experienced and professional staff to help your body achieve its best results. I would recommend this for anyone looking for reactive and more importantly, proactive... read more

    John Minaglia Avatar
    John Minaglia
  • I have been a patient of Back to Basics for over two years and highly recommend them. The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They tested and performed only what was necessary to get rid of my sciatica. Thank you Back to Basics!

    Ken Rogers Avatar
    Ken Rogers
  • I've been a patient at Back to Basics for over 12 years, they are the absolute BEST. Prior to that, I had pretty severe back issues and was not having success with chiropractors. Dr. Ryan changed all of that--he is SO thorough, has a very gentle and compassionate... read more

    Debora Parker Avatar
    Debora Parker
  • Dr. Ryan is amazingly skilled, humble, knowledgable, and kind. Nicole the Office Manager is super accommodating and helpful as well. My husband and I always feel great post visit and go on a regular basis for maintenance.

    Massage Therapist, Star is the best all around. I’d dare to say...
    read more

    Maria Minaglia Avatar
    Maria Minaglia
  • World class office from the front office with Nicole to the entire team. Nicole makes scheduling easy and greets with a snile.

    Then there’s Dr. Ryan. As an athlete himself, his toolkit of knowledge for what the human body does is immense. He uses this knowledge to help all patients....
    read more

    Jake Burack Avatar
    Jake Burack
  • I've been a patient at Back to Basics for over 12 years, they are the absolute BEST. Prior to that, I had pretty severe back issues and was not having success with chiropractors. Dr. Ryan changed all of that--he is SO thorough, has a very gentle and compassionate... read more

    Debora Parker Avatar
    Debora Parker
  • The best thing you can do for yourself when you're pregnant is visit a chiropractor - particularly one who listens, cares and understands prenatal care. Dr. Ryan has been my saving grace throughout my pregnancy and I would recommend he and his team to anyone and everyone.

    Chelsea Otto Avatar
    Chelsea Otto
  • I have had lower back and sciatica issues for as long as I can remember, which can be debilitating when it really flares up. I travel a lot for work, so it is hard to find and build a good relationship with a chiropractor and to come up with a... read more

    Jaco Stofberg Avatar
    Jaco Stofberg
  • Back to Basics. I absolutely love and look forward to receiving treatment, seeing Nicole and Dr. Ryan. Nicole is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met always going above and beyond when it comes to being flexible with appointment times. Nicole everytime I walk into the office goes out... read more

    Vincent Sameshima Avatar
    Vincent Sameshima
  • I love Back to Basics! The entire staff is professional, compassionate, and very effective in treating a variety of my problems. I regularly see Dr. Ryan and Star to manage both my rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I always feel so much better when I leave. I... read more

    Carol Saukkola Avatar
    Carol Saukkola
  • Dr. Shayna is amazing! The whole staff is super friendly. There prices are very reasonable and they have the most state-of-the-art equipment and tools to make you feel better and maintain that great feeling. I can't say enough good things about Back To Basics! Thanks guys!

    Marty Cohn Avatar
    Marty Cohn
  • Dr. Shayna is amazing. She is attentive to your well being and helping make you feel great. I would absolutely recommend anyone to come see her.

    JP Nadeau Avatar
    JP Nadeau
  • Have been a chiropractic patient for quite some time so I know how good -or not- it can be. I appreciate the friendly and personable staff and the fact that there was NO UPSALE! They listened to me and created my service program based on what I needed, not what... read more

    Keri Moore Avatar
    Keri Moore
  • They work as a team. As a result you get more in depth knowledge. Both Dr. Shayna and Dr Ryan are outstanding Chiropractors. They spent quality time with the patients. I am amazed by the results.

    David Frosh Avatar
    David Frosh
  • I ready just love the staff at Back to Basics.Dr.Ryan is amazing when my body is out of alignment he fixes it and I'm like new again. I like how he also talks bout stretches I can do at home to help my back. I can't forget Star she... read more

    Hilda Taylor Avatar
    Hilda Taylor
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