“The team approach at Back to Basics really works. The doctors and technicians work together to find holistic solutions to pain. Dr. Tom, Dr. Ryan, Amy [massage therapist] and the staff all made me feel that they really cared about my discomfort and my recovery. I recommend them to everyone I meet who complains about pain.”

Patty B., Accountant and Yoga Instructor, Newport Beach.

Neck Pain following Automobile Accident:

“Initially I was in a pretty bad shape with neck pains and muscle ache. I could hardly do any form of exercise or simple items such as lifting. I had tried taking Advil and used ice packs and then I was referred to the Doctors at Back to Basics by my lawyer. The Doctors used chiropractic adjustments, hot packs, deep tissue massage therapy, and for the last two months MedX to strengthen my neck. My hobbies include badminton which I was unable to do following the accident. At that time I could hardly lift a gallon of milk with my right hand, let alone play badminton. Three months of adjustments, massage therapy and MedX have improved my ability to play my favorite sport of badminton again 🙂 Adjustment and Deep Tissue massage works!!! One thing though; stick to your schedule (ie 2-3x per week) & you’ll see the difference!”

“Dr. Tom,

Thank you for being so patient with all those therapy sessions. Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor.


Henny H.”

Severe Neck Trauma and Pain:

“I have seen a chiropractor since 1992 when I initially got into a car accident. My neck has never been the same ever. My first chiro was awesome but not living in Yorba Linda it has been often very difficult to find great chiropractic care. I have had 13 chiropractors and Dr. Hewitt is the absolute best. I was referred to Back to Basics by another chiropractor. I’ve been told that my neck is one of the hardest necks to get into place. Here at Back to Basics, I’ve decided that when my finances permit it I will hire Dr. Tom Hewitt as my own personal doctor since he and the whole staff are amazing. I leave and often wonder why I would ever wait so long to come in and get such amazing results and feel so good. My neck is awesome when I leave and do the activity to stay fit. I would encourage others to come to Back to Basics and get a massage and an adjustment and your life and health will change.”

Raina P., Newport Beach.

Neck Stiffness and Pain:

” After receiving steroid injections three times for neck pain, my husband suggested that I go to Back to Basics. I initially met with an MD again who suggested that before doing further steroid shots or back surgery, I should try to find the root of the problem with the chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy team. I have made TOTAL improvement over the duration of my care at Back to Basics. It’s Unbelievable! My Pain is gone and I have learned that there are other ways to improve rather than surgery or shots. Now I am able to pursue golfing, painting and playing with my grandchildren! I would totally suggest that anyone with back pain give this team a try! They are very professional and their treatments work!

Carolyn H., Newport Beach

Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Bilateral Hallux Valgus for the past 16 years:

“I had an exam and a “Sole Supports” fitting on October 18th. They came (the Sole Supports Orthotics) and they fit very nicely, and are very comfortable. I have already worn them for two full days and I am experiencing great results! Thank You Very Much!”

Beth W., (visiting Newport from Nantucket, MA)

Migraines and Severe Headaches:

” I would get migraines and severe headaches and had a lot of neck and shoulder pain. My field of work (professional artist) also aggravated it; and my business suffered as well. I had previously tried a sports medicine doctor and other chiropractic centers. It would help but I would be back to the same pain within weeks. I was referred to Back to Basics by an advertisement and received a follow-up call from one of their doctors. He invited me to take a Med-X test. I thought: “Why Not? I have already tried everything else!” The Back to Basics Team doctors found that my posture and head carriage were way off, and that my feet were flat. It was recommended to do chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue therapy, MedX and physical therapy exercises. I feel I have managed to get back to normal, stronger with more energy. I am now able to do all the work I once used to do and I keep from relapse when I stick with my program and the exercises. I paint artwork for a living – murals to oil-paintings, and this is also my hobby. As a word of encouragement to others, I would say it is worth a try. I was running out of options until I heard about MedX Rehabilitation. Everyone at Back to Basics is very helpful and friendly. I feel I have my health and strength back.

Sharon J., Newport Beach.

Severe Flat Feet, Foot Pain & Fatigue:

I had suffered from severe foot pain for years. I was referred to Back to Basics during a promotion at 24 Hour Fitness. Doctor Hewitt adjusted my feet and fitted me for orthotic insoles. I like to travel (and everything that comes with that) so walking is a constant; I am also on my feet all day at work. After getting my orthotics I noticed an immediate change in the pressure points in my feet. From day one I noticed an immediate change in the pain through my feet and legs. I was less tired and standing for long periods of time no longer bothered me. The Sole Supports orthotic insoles along with the chiropractic and deep tissue treatment I received were great. The doctors at Back to Basics completely changed the way I work and play by getting rid of the pain I had felt for years before.

Jean V., Beverly Hills

Severe Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches following Automobile Accident:

In December of 2006 I was in a car accident. As a result I have suffered a severe whiplash. I experienced neck pain and headaches almost constantly ranging from a mild irritation (3/10 pain scale) to agony (9/10 pain scale).

I was referred to a clinic near my home which on the surface appeared to be just what I needed. The chiropractor assigned to me was caring and reasonably competent . . . but appearances can be deceiving. After 6 weeks of therapy, I was making no progress. The chiropractor referred me to the clinic’s staff orthopedist, who seemed more interested in my legal situation rather than my medical condition. He sent me for an MRI, reviewed the findings with me (3 months had passed since being referred by the chiropractor) and told me I needed an epidural cortisone injection. I said fine, “when do we schedule it?” He told me he didn’t do that, I had to make an appointment with another orthopedist, but he won’t be available for six more weeks. I fired that clinic then and there.

So wife and I started interviewing new clinics. We found Back to Basics accidentally when looking for another clinic. But it was no accident that we stayed after we introduced ourselves and explained my condition; Robin [front desk receptionist] recognized that I was obviously in pain and immediately got the doctors to talk to me. Doctors Ryan Samuelian and Tom Hewitt both took the time to listen patiently and with obvious concern. They proudly showed off their clinic, explained how the Med-X equipment worked and discussed treatment options.

So instead of waiting 6 weeks to talk to another orthopedist, within a few weeks I had met with Dr. Petraglia, had my first epidural, and started Med-X therapy. And the pain has finally been reduced. Within a few months, the pain which had been constant was gone and I was back to my old self if not stronger. Where the previous clinic hadn’t helped at all in over 7 months, Doctors Tom, Ryan and P provide relief in one month and I was discharged in just over 3 months.

I tell all my friends that if they have back or neck problems, there is help out there…its name is Back to Basics.

– Tim K., Newport Beach.


“Dear Jay,

I want to let you know how JOYFUL and GRATEFUL I am for the treatments you have given me to help my body, mind and spirit get in touch with its innate healing abilities. I can now live beyond my diagnosis . . . I would have never thought that acupuncture and flower essences could have HEALED me from an ailment that plagued me since my pre-teens. . . .What I love and appreciate so much about acupuncture is the lack of side effects. Rather, after each treatment I feel energized and more balanced. Acupuncture doesn’t make me feel like a zombie or cause my memory to deteriorate. . . many of my physical complaints began to resolve themselves little by little after each treatment.

I also really like the herbal preparations/Flower essence you give me because they’ve helped a lot with the physical stuff like the constipation. Can you believe it that at one time my former doctors put me on pharmaceuticals for my chronic constipation and I actually took them!!!! They put me on Prepulsid, which was taken off the market for causing a potentially fatal heart condition!!! I sometimes can’t believe that I allowed myself to poison my body with those drugs that didn’t really help but just gave me side effects!! Jay it’s been a miracle for me to be medication FREE for the past 4 months!

Thank you Jay for being part of my journey!

– Dara


Dear Jay,
I have been meaning to write and say thank you for several months. I don’t know if you remember me from last year when you treated me for infertility and I went to your hometown in Korea for a visit.

Well, after your treatments and praying at a Korean temple in Korea, it happened – I am 21 weeks pregnant. All looks great so far and she is healthy as far as the tests show.

Please pass on my story of hope to those you feel will benefit. Thanks again for a miracle – literally.
Best Regards,
– Chaundra V.

Shoulder & Neck Pain following Auto Accident:

My attorney referred me to Back to Basics after I was involved as a passenger in an auto accident. After the accident I had experienced neck and shoulder pain. Doctor Hewitt and Doctor Samuelian re-aligned my spine with chiropractic adjustments, and used Med-X to strengthen my neck muscles. I also learned stretches to do at home and exercises to strengthen my shoulders. I am now able to participate again in the hobbies I love including diving, b-ball, cheer and volleyball. I am now also able to reach for things without pain. i recommend going to Back to Basics because they are nice and I never thought my pain would go away. They did it.

– Kelly G., Age 17, Newport Beach.

Auto Accident Whiplash Neck Pain:

I was involved in an accident that resulted in neck pain. My attorney referred me to Back to Basics Health and Wellness where they did a phenomenal job in recuperating and strengthening my neck and back. My hobbies include baseball and basketball, which I am now able to participate in again. I feel greatly improved and appreciate the approach that Doctors Samuelian and Hewitt have. I would like to encourage others to seek care here and rate them to be the best chiropractors in Newport Beach!

– Brian D., Newport Beach