Back to Basics Health and Wellness doctors understand the importance of sleep for all of our patients. Tempur-Pedic beds deliver on their promise of night-time renewal for body and mind. Your bed should be more than just a place to sleep. . . your bed should always give you comfort . . . it should relieve your pain and it should be your place of peace, where your stress just melts away. Tempur-Pedic’s revolutionary pressure-relieving material “TEMPUR” is the heart and soul of their breakthrough weightless sleep science that sets their beds apart from all others!

The National Sleep Foundation Study indicated that nearly 40 million people battle sleep disorders, and fully one-half of Americans will develop sleeping problems in their lifetime. “Sleep Debt” refers to the lack of quality sleep over a period of time, and can actually have serious consequences. It’s clear — the proper quality and amount of sleep is key to optimum health, and experts agree that the right sleep environment is vitally important.

Tempur-Pedic’s high-tech Swedish Sleep System is the only bed recommended by over 25,000 medical professionals worldwide, including the chiropractic physicians at Back to Basics. Professional athletes and celebrities who demand the very best, AND depend on results, choose Tempur-Pedic.

We understand very well that our patients are educated consumers who demand documented facts before making a decision on any purchase. At Back to Basics, we trust that similar decisions have brought you to rely on the high quality of our services and the dependable performance of all health and wellness products that we offer.

Tempur-Pedic’s advanced aerospace technology is a triumph of molecular physics . . . requiring no springs, no water, no air, no electricity. It is amazing but true: Your body’s shape, mass, and temperature do all the work . . . all you do is lie down to experience the ultimate in night-time renewal. Tempur-Pedic is the original and has built its reputation by performing as promised for its enthusiastic owners who recommend it nine times out of ten to their own friends and family.

From our family to yours, we wish you the best night’s rest on a genuine Tempur-pedic sleep system.

In Health,

The Back to Basics TEAM.

The Grand Bed

Sleep like royalty on Tempur-pedics higher density TEMPUR-HD pressure-relieving material . . . quilted with their most opulent cover! This bed will always give you comfort!

The BellaSonna Bed

Sleep blissfully with the pressure-relieving comfort of TEMPUR material . . . beautifully combined with the familiar, bouyant feel of a traditional mattress!

The Celebrity Bed

Sleep like a celebrity on a higher-profile and the plushest layers of TEMPUR pressure relieving material . . . this bed will bring you pleasure every night!

The Rhapsody Bed

Soothing Comfort, Unrivaled Support:
Sleep in the ultimate combination of comfort, support and style on Tempur-pedic’s TEMPUR-HD pressure relieving material . . . this bed delivers on the promise of healing restorative sleep!

The Prima Bed

Sophisticated Style, Unforgettable Comfort:
Sleep in elegance, style and unique comfort . . . featuring TEMPUR pressure relieving material quilted into the cover . . . this bed delivers a comforting place of renewal you’ll love!

The Deluxe Bed

Therapy and Comfort, Perfectly Balanced:
Sleep like never before with deluxe comfort and support with added responsiveness . . . this bed promises you’ll experience true Night-Time Renewal and wake refreshed every morning!

The Classic Bed

Healing Support, Timeless Comfort:
Sleep on the bed that raises the standard for comfort and support. . . this bed promises Night Time Renewal, which will make you feel good all over!

The Symphony Bed

Comfort and Support in Complete Harmony:
Sleep in perfect comfort and superior support . . . both in harmony with your budget . . . this bed will help you sleep better and feel better!

The Original Bed

Revolutionary Support, Unmatched Value:
Sleep on the bed that started the comfort revolution . . . this bed delivers on the Tempur-pedic promise of simply better sleep.