At Back to Basics, we strive to provide our patients access to high quality physician grade nutritional supplements and neutraceuticals to support our complete holistic approach to healthcare.  We only carry products from reputable suppliers and manufacturers including Standard Process, Klaire Labs,  Chiropractor’s Blend, Xymogen, Metagenics, Orthomolecular and Biopharma.  We also have available the services of a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor to help our patients with their specific dietary needs and goals.

Weight Loss & Health Counseling:

Do you want to maximize your energy, improve your mood, achieve your optimal weight, and rediscover your confidence?  Health Counseling provides individuals with the necessary tools to make better choices when it comes to food, exercise, self-care and relationships.  Back to Basics patients can work with a Certified Holistic Health Counselor to help them naturally meet their wellness and weight loss goals. Please call to schedule an in-office personal consultation with a Back to Basics professional. We also offer a Standard Process Purification programsincluding a 21 day, and 10 day programs to change your habits and change your life.

Supports & Exercise Equipment:

In addition to nutritional supplements, we carry a full line of comfort and posture enhancing supports, pillows (including the full line of TempurPedic pillows and mattresses), stand-up desks and home exercise products to enable our patients to experience exceptional relief while away from our office.

Custom Foot Orthotics by Sole Supports:

Our doctors are also specially certified to cast custom foot orthotics using a special dynamic casting technique developed by Sole Supports to produce the world’s best orthotics .  Many podiatrists have been impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of the custom foot orthotics we custom cast in our office.  There is a 10-14 day turnaround on orthotics upon casting.

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Systems and Pillows:

Simply the most customized surface you’ll ever sleep on!  Experience true Night-Time Renewal on an authentic Tempur-Pedic bed and pillow!  Full line of mattresses, available to our patients – must consult with a Back to Basics doctor to place an order.