Can choosing the right bed really change your life?

At Back to Basics, the doctors have chosen Tempur-pedic Sleep Systems because they believe your bed should do more . . .

Your bed should always give you comfort.

Your bed should relieve your pain . . . not add to it.

Your bed should make stress go away.

Imagine a place that gives you . . .

  • Luxurious body-conforming comfort and support
  • The promise of Night Time Renewal for body and mind
  • Relief from pressure points and sleep disruption
  • Relief from back and neck pain.
  • Restorative sleep to wake refreshed . . . every day

The science and soul of TEMPUR pressure-relieving material is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps.  These life-changing benefits are enjoyed by countless thousands of well-rested Tempur-Pedic owners worldwide.  They are not merely satisfied with their Tempur-Pedic beds. . . they’re passionate fans . . . enthusiastic activists . . . true believers who enjoy the awesome advantages of Tempur-pedic’s widely acclaimed sleep-science breakthrough.