Massage therapy is for the body and mind. It relaxes the muscles and relieves the stress and strain of daily life while improving circulation and calming the senses. Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage goes far beyond the purely relaxational massage often found in a traditional spa setting. By targeting specific tissues, our therapists are able to increase blood supply and nutrition to muscles encouraging repair and breaking down or preventing the formation of adhesions and fibrosis between fascial layers. Therapeutic Massage additionally acts as a “cleanser” by stimulation of the lymph circulation, and improving the elimination of wastes and toxic debris. Tissue nutrition is enhanced due to increased blood flow through muscle tissues, all without adding to the toxic lactic acid build-up that results during voluntary muscle contraction; thereby helping prevent the build-up of the harmful fatiguing products that are a result of strenuous exercise or injuries. Therapeutic Massage can also increase red blood cell count and improve the circulation and nutrition of joints and hasten the elimination of harmful deposits. Many people experience a sedative or stimulating effect on their nervous system depending on the type of treatment given. By returning venous blood to the heart, massage can ease the strain of this vital organ in ill or aged individuals, and additionally reduce edema of the extremities (swelling and fluid retention in feet/hands). The Massage Therapists at Back to Basics are the best in Newport Beach and most have had many years of experience. They are all great at working with both elite athletes and in the rehabilitation of injuries, or in enhancing the everyday health and wellness of all of our patients. Come and experience for yourself just how good a Back to Basics massage really is.

“Back to Basics Full Body Massage Soothes the Body,

Calms the Mind and Renews the Spirit.”

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